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Posted by Dubai Real Estate on December 11, 2021

10 reasons to invest in real estate in Dubai

Real estate Dubai

There are many reasons to invest in real estate, Dubairealestate.net gives you today the 10 reasons to invest in real estate in Dubai.


The history of Dubai

One of the first reasons to consider is its history; much of Dubai’s history is based on its real estate development. Since 1960, Dubai has not stopped evolving. A beginning of history with different Tribes, a discovery of oil and the opening of the borders for the import/export of goods. In those early days we could not imagine that 50 years later, the population of Dubai would reach 3.3 million. A population composed of approximately 88% expatriates and 12% Emiratis.

Note: the average age in Dubai is 30-35 years, a young active population. The tertiary professions are developing more and more and attract young workers to develop their skills and evolve in the professional world.


The future of Dubai

For the 7th time since 1960, Dubai is launching an Urban Development project for the country. Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates launched the Dubai 2040 project.

Between 1960 and 2020, Dubai’s population increased 80 times, from 40,000 to 3.3 million. The urban area of the Emirate has been multiplied by 170. Dubai’s development continues to grow.

The ultimate goal of the Dubai 2040 project is to improve the quality of life and well-being of the Emirate’s residents.

The main plan is to focus on available space and existing urban development. Key objectives of this plan:

  • The increase in tourist activities and the hotel industry
  • The increase in commercial activities
  • Modernizing urban areas
  • Double the amount of green and recreational space
  • The implementation of sustainable and flexible mobility means
  • Attracting more international investors and fostering greater economic activity

The Dubai 2040 urban plan, will evolve in 5 key centers of the country.

The first 3 centers are already present:

  • Burj Dubai / Deira = the historical district of Dubai, which keeps all the traditions
  • Downtown / Business Bay = the economic and financial district
  • Dubai Marina / JBR = the tourist and leisure district

Two new centers will be created:

  • the exhibition and international events district
  • Dubai Silicon Oasis: the knowledge and innovation district

In summary, Dubai 2040 aims to transform the emirate and create an interconnected city that balances community living and tourism with modernity and heritage.

The creation of these two new centers will highlight the meticulous organization of the different areas of Dubai.


Security in Dubai

Dubai is among the TOP 10 safest cities in the world. Each year, Numbeo, the largest participatory database of cities and countries in the world, posts its ranking ranking of 431 cities.

In 2021, Dubai is in 7th place in this ranking. It should be noted that the first city in France, the most secure is the city of Nice, which arrives at the 194th position.

Note: 3 cities in the United Arab Emirates are in the TOP 10 safest cities (1st Abu Dhabi, 6th Sharjah and 7th Dubai).


Becoming a homeowner in Dubai

Your life project, becoming a homeowner!

Whether it is for a rental investment project or a life project, become the owner of your own home in Dubai. You can then benefit from your rental income or enjoy your property in Dubai.


Real estate figures in Dubai

When we look at the real estate investment numbers, we see that 2021 is a banner year for investors. The COVID-19 crisis has propelled real estate investment in Dubai. According to the figures recorded by Dubailand Department, since the beginning of the year, the amount of transactions is only changing, as well as the number of transactions.

More and more investments are being made in the Dubai secondary market. Investors who have made speculative investments in Off-Plan projects are currently making significant capital gains on the resale of their property.

To date, we recommend that you invest in the Off-Plan market. This type of investment will allow you to invest in the flagship projects of the moment as well as to make a capital gain when the project is delivered.


Financing your investment

One of the main advantages of investing in Dubai is the financing plan. Indeed, several real estate developers are setting up payment plans, to facilitate the buyer in his real estate investment in Dubai. Depending on the developer, payment plans may vary. Offering financing until the delivery of your project or even from 1 year to 10 years after delivery.

Dubairealestate.net accompanies you in the real estate project, proposing you the best payment plan which will correspond to you.


Return on investment

Today, real estate investments with returns of 7 à 10% net, compared to 4 à 6% gross in France.

Contact one of our consultants now, we will advise on the best investments with the best ROI.



The fact of not paying any additional taxes to the state is one of the most known reasons for many people. The non-payment of tax or income tax, resale or even property tax, is a real added value. Dubai has plans to increase the number of inhabitants and relies heavily on real estate investment.

Note: The only tax in Dubai is the VAT, at 5%.


Plan for your retirement

In fact, it is also essential to plan for a complementary source of income during your retirement.

The real estate investment will allow you to benefit from this additional income.


Cultural mix

As we have seen in the history of Dubai, the population is composed of about 88% expatriates and 12% Emiratis. Indeed, a large number of expatriates are present in Dubai. The population continues to grow.

For this reason, more and more rental requests are being made by new expatriates. Dubai represents the Eldorado of business. Many people want to come and work here.dubai real estate



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