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Posted by Dubai Real Estate on November 27, 2021

Dubai : How to invest with Dubairealestate.net

How to invest

When investing in real estate in Dubai, different points are to be taken into account. What are the different steps to invest in a property.

Dubairealestate.net gives you all the tips for a successful investment. Through 5 main steps :

  • Your needs
  • The choice between new or secondary real estate
  • The numbers
  • The trust between you and your real estate agent
  • Rental management

Take stock of your needs

Where are you in your project?

It will be important to define different points: when do you want to realize this project? Is it a life project or a rental investment project? What type of property are you looking for, apartment, villa, townhouse ? How many rooms? What is your budget?

Several questions about the project you want to set up.

Taking stock of what you want is the most important thing in order not to get lost in your housing search.

The choice of new or secondary real estate

What type of project would you like to invest in?

Two types of projects are possible: new (or off-plan) property investment and secondary property investment.

This decision will be based on what you want:

  • The Off-plan market will allow you to invest in real estate that will be new, with the new innovations, a residence up to date, benefit from a payment plan, etc.
  • The secondary market will allow you to benefit from a home that will already be delivered, with the location you want, to have visibility on the materials used, etc.

The numbers

When making a rental investment, it is important to consider the financial aspect of your investment.

Consider thepayment plan eadlines proposed by the developers. It will be important to anticipate the deadlines in order to invest in your project. Payment plans can be from 1 year to 7/10 years.

Talk to one of our real estate experts in Dubai. Our experts will advise you on the locations, which will be beneficial for your real estate investment, with a good rate for your return on investment, a location that will be favorable for a quick rental, etc. All these data will be communicated to you along with the current trends on the real estate market in Dubai.

The trust between you and your real estate agent

Choosing the right real estate agent will allow you to make the best investment. Indeed, it is important to talk to a real estate agent who has a perfect knowledge of the real estate market in Dubai. An agent who has expertise in Dubai will accompany you in all the steps and will answer your real need. Whether it is for a rental investment project or a life project.

With your agent, exchange in all transparency. In order for your real estate agent to advise you and guide you in the best possible way, let him/her know all your needs, your desires, your doubts, your wishes.

Rental management

At Dubairealestate.net, we have a service dedicated to rental management. This service has all the knowledge and skills required to put your property up for rent. It will be important for us to write a good advertisement of your property, in order to put it forward on our website and the various real estate rental platforms in Dubai; this will allow you to find a rapidement un tenant quickly.

We will take care of all the rental part, the search for a tenant, the management of the visits, the setting in rent, the drafting of the contracts, etc.

Would you like more information about our assistance in your real estate investment in Dubai?

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