Dubai is known for its high summer temperatures, but that doesn’t mean the city stops. On the contrary, Dubai offers a multitude of indoor and outdoor activities to keep you entertained during the summer season. Here are a few suggestions.

Indoor summer activities in Dubai

Shopping centers

Dubai is famous for its sumptuous shopping malls, and summer is the perfect time to explore them. The Dubai Mall, the world’s largest shopping center, offers a variety of stores, restaurants, an aquarium, an ice rink and even an indoor waterfall. What’s more, the Mall of the Emirates is home to Ski Dubai, an indoor ski resort where you can escape the heat.

Museums and galleries

Dubai also boasts a number of museums and art galleries that are well worth a visit. The Dubai Museum, located in the Al Fahidi fort, offers a fascinating insight into the city’s history. The Museum of the Future is another place not to be missed, with its interactive exhibitions on science and technology. Art lovers will appreciate the contemporary art galleries in the Al Quoz district.

Outdoor activities in Dubai in summer

Water parks

When the temperature rises, nothing beats a day in one of Dubai’s water parks. Wild Wadi and Aquaventure are among the most popular, offering a variety of slides and pools for all ages.

Evening strolls

Evenings in Dubai can be cooler, making it the ideal time for a stroll along the Marina or Jumeirah beach. You can also enjoy dinner in one of the many seaside restaurants or take a dinner cruise on a traditional dhow.

Scuba diving

Dubai has some interesting dive sites, including artificial reefs and shipwrecks. Several dive centers offer courses for beginners as well as outings for experienced divers.

Water sports

If you’re a thrill-seeker, try jet-skiing, kitesurfing, flyboarding or wakeboarding. These activities are available on many of Dubai’s beaches. For something a little more leisurely, paddleboarding is a popular option, especially around the Palm Jumeirah.

Summer events

Dubai also organizes a series of events during the summer. Dubai Summer Surprises is an annual festival featuring shopping promotions, live entertainment and activities for children. In addition, Dubai Sports World transforms the Dubai World Trade Centre into a huge indoor sports complex, offering a variety of sports and physical activities.

In conclusion, despite the summer heat, Dubai offers a multitude of activities to keep you engaged and entertained. Whether it’s shopping, culture, entertainment or sport, you’ll always find something to do in Dubai during the summer.