Burj Azizi, Dubai’s second-tallest tower soon under construction

News|24 January 2024|4 Minutes

The imminent start of construction of the Burj Azizi, a new $1.5 billion commercial skyscraper in Dubai, has been announced in the United Arab Emirates by
Azizi Developments
. The project includes a vertical shopping mall, luxury residences and an observation platform. This
real estate project
will be located on Sheikh Zayed Road, opposite the World Trade Centre.

An ambitious architectural project

Azizi Developments recently unveiled its bold project: the construction of the Burj Azizi, set to become Dubai’s second-tallest building. Although the final height has not yet been specified, it is expected to be no less than 122 storeys high, rivaling such impressive structures as the Lotte World Tower and China 117 Tower.

The main features of the Burj Azizi

  • Vertical shopping mall: the Burj Azizi will feature an innovative vertical shopping mall on part of its floors.
  • Luxury residences: the tower will also offer luxury apartments for those wishing to live in this architectural monument.
  • 7-star hotel: a seven-star hotel will be built here to offer a prestigious service to visitors from all over the world.
  • Observation deck: an observation deck will enable tourists and residents to enjoy a breathtaking view of Dubai and its surroundings.

Economic and tourism impact

The Burj Azizi is expected to have a significant impact on Dubai’s economy and tourism. This world-renowned construction will undoubtedly attract international investors and travelers eager to discover the city’s architectural wonders. What’s more, with recent records in real estate transactions, it’s clear that interest in Dubai is growing.

In 2022, real estate transactions reached over 132 billion euros in the emirate, up more than 76% on the previous year.

That being said, this real estate boom has also had an impact on rents, which have risen by 22% over the same period. This could potentially affect some Dubai residents who are struggling to keep up with these rising prices.

Ecological and sustainable objectives

Although no specific information has been provided regarding the Burj Azizi’s ecological and sustainable objectives, local authorities and developers are increasingly aware of the importance of sustainable construction and the efficient use of resources. We can therefore expect this project to incorporate innovative solutions to reduce the environmental impact of the tower’s construction and operation.

Construction and completion schedule

Construction of the Burj Azizi is due to begin shortly, with completion scheduled for 2028. The determination of the promoters and the support of the local authorities should help to ensure that it happens.

The Burj Azizi promises to be an impressive addition to Dubai’s architectural landscape and an important asset to its economy and tourism industry. The city’s second tallest tower is further proof of Dubai’s determination to push back the boundaries of what is possible and continue to develop as a global center of innovation and prestige.