World Cup 2022: Dubai, the next hub

The countdown is on. In less than 3 months, the 22nd edition of the 2022 World Cup will take place.

Hosts Qatar will open the competition against Ecuador on November 20 at 7pm at the Al-Bayt stadium in Al-Khor, north of Doha. The opening ceremony promises to be spectacular, with over 2 million tickets already sold.

To mark the occasion, the city of Dubai is decked out in lights and preparing for almost complete occupation throughout this new FIFA competition.

Dubai's first soccer hotel to open in November

Dubai plans to kick off the 2022 World Cup with the launch of NH Dubai The Palm in November. A football-themed hotel, and the first of its kind in the United Arab Emirates.

Offering breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea, the Marina skyline, the Burj Al Arab and the Dubai Eye, it features 533 rooms, a rooftop infinity pool, beach access and unique amenities, as well as a sports bar that will become a fan zone for soccer fans to enjoy watching the games.

Located to the west of The Palm Jumeirah, NH Dubai on The Palm will become a focal point for fans travelling to Qatar to attend the region’s biggest sporting event.

However, as the event kicks off closer to November 20, demand for hotel rooms has surged in recent weeks.

The Football Fans Dubai experience, organized by tourism agency Expat Sport, will offer special rates for this unique and immersive sporting experience.

Day trips to Doha and welcome packages

Fans visiting Doha for a day and staying at the hotel will receive welcome packs, tickets and discounts to attend matches in other fan zones around the city.

Return transfers will be provided from the NHO hotel to Dubai airport (DWC) and from Doha airport (DIA) to the 2022 World Cup stadium.

Shuttles will also be provided for fans to attend other matches in the city’s official fan zones, at the Port of Dubai, the Coca-Cola Arena and the DIFC Football Park.

Expat Sport offers a four-night stay for 4,700 dh (≈ 1,290€), 9,400 dh (≈ 2,580€) for eight nights and a 12-night package for 14,200 dh (≈ 3,900€), all including accommodation in a double or twin room.

Travel and hotel packages will be available exclusively to people who already have a match ticket purchased from FIFA or elsewhere. Welcome packages will start at Dh3,500 (≈ €960) for a group match and include stadium parking, food and drink.

The most expensive welcome package will consist of a seat in the Pearl Lounge at Dh18,000 (≈ €4,940) per person for a group match. It includes a six-course meal, entertainment, cocktails and a dedicated concierge service.

However, those wishing to upgrade to the prestige level can book a stadium suite for the modest sum of Dh82,450 (≈ €22,620), which will give you access to a private dining experience.

A global event with an impact on property prices in Dubai

With Dubai less than an hour’s drive from Doha, the city’s hotels should be almost fully booked over the coming months.

The fact remains that tens of thousands, if not millions, of soccer fans will flock to neighboring countries to find accommodation. Dubai’s hotel offerings are set to reach new heights between November and December.

As are requests to rent apartments or villas from individuals on Airbnb.

“Fans of South American and major European teams are creating the most demand for hotel rooms, as fans expect their nations to reach the latter stages of the tournament,” said David Allen, Managing Director of Radisson Hotels. “As there is little or no availability in Qatar, we are seeing a lot of interest in this country. Reservations are on the order of 50 to 100 people at a time”, he announced.

Given the ability of the UAE authorities to pull out all the stops when it comes to major events, there’s no doubt that Dubai will be “The Place to Be” for fans during the 2022 World Cup.

A considerable influx of potential investors will go hand in hand with the tourist wave, which will not be short of resources for an event as expensive as the 2022 World Cup.

Owners will therefore be banking on demand during this global event, and capitalizing on this incredible opportunity for the whole world to discover the beauty of Dubai and the quality of life in the Emirates.

A rebound in occupancy

Qatar’s upcoming 2022 World Cup has created an air of optimism in Dubai’s hotel sector.

The recent announcement of the cooperation of several Gulf airlines to offer visitors daily shuttle flights to Qatar, such as Air Arabia and Fly Dubai, will enable fans to stay in cities like Dubai and fly for the day, guaranteeing a busy season for the whole region.

Colliers’ analysis in its latest Mena Hotel Forecast suggests that a huge rebound in the tourism industry will occur in the last quarter of 2022.

Dubai Creek and Festival City hotels are expected to see the biggest increase in occupancy rates since 2021, up 19% to an estimated 77% for the year, according to the Colliers report.

Hotels in the DIFC and along Sheikh Zayed Road should see a 17% increase to 73% occupancy, and Abu Dhabi Beach hotels should see a 17% increase to around 64% occupancy.

Get ready for a great World Cup 2022 in a host country that knows how to welcome.