Taxation in the UAE

The Emirates apply lucrative tax laws. Most individuals are exempt from income tax, and most sales, services and goods are also exempt from value-added tax.

Sure, it sounds good, but almost everyone wonders what a hook is. Well, oil producers are taxed at 55%, and as the UAE is very interested in oil, this generates a lot of revenue. Similarly, some companies also have to pay high taxes.

But in general, moving to the bank has paid off for solo expats who have moved in to work.

Safety in the United Arab Emirates

You’d think that such a major tourist destination would attract a fair amount of crime; however, Dubai has a low crime rate. According to Numbeo’s digital database, the crime rate is very low at 12.34. What’s more, they rate Dubai as 91% safe, which is very high. In fact, the career criminals didn’t get very far.

Weather and climate in the United Arab Emirates

We’re sure we don’t need to mention it, but the weather and climate will suit anyone looking for sunshine and warm temperatures.

Even in winter, temperatures rarely drop below 15 degrees Celsius, and this summer’s weather is perfect for exploring or sunbathing on the beach. But, of course, part of any beautiful weather is a Dubai-style outdoor patio.

Dubai job market

One of the reasons for the large foreign population is that the job market attracts many foreigners looking to relocate. Many people move to Dubai for work or business, whether in construction, economics or finance.

There are certain rules and regulations allowing foreigners to work legally in Dubai, but if you’re looking for a new career or a change of business direction, Dubai’s real estate market is the springboard.

Leisure facilities in the United Arab Emirates

Dubai is world-renowned for its quest for leisure and pleasure. Imagine a mega-mall with stores, restaurants and entertainment all in one.

The town even has its own indoor ski area. Other family-friendly options include ice rinks, gardens, cinemas, sightseeing and, of course, wonderful pristine sandy beaches. Of course, you can always spread your wings and explore the UAE further.

Multicultural community and different languages

One thing every foreigner wants to do is settle in as quickly as possible. Whether it’s a new job or making friends. In Dubai, an estimated 85% of the population is foreign.

These demographics influence everyday life, merging each person’s culture, beliefs and preferences into a single cauldron. Whether it’s eating a different dish every night or learning a new language, foreigners get on well, make friends and settle in easily.


Dubai’s tourism market is still very much alive, and only seems to be growing as more and more foreigners get to know it.

What’s more, with tourism accounting for a large proportion of GDP, home buyers are confident that Dubai will continue to invest in its national and global reputation to ensure that the city retains its leading position.