Investing in real estate in Dubai as a foreigner

Foreigners and expatriates can buy properties in Dubai that are designated as separate areas under the Land Titles Act or Law No. 7 of 2006.

However, free zones such as DIFC have their own legal real estate. The UAE and its companies can own land anywhere in the UAE. However, companies whose shareholders are not from the UAE are not considered UAE or GCC unless they are public limited companies.

Foreigners can also acquire other types of property. He is a tenant. Non-UAE citizens are entitled to land leases, musataha, full ownership or use rights as long as the ruler of Dubai allows.

Knowing your status as a foreigner, whether as an individual or a company, is crucial in determining where you legally own land in the United Arab Emirates.

How to buy a property in Dubai

DLD is Dubai’s leading real estate and property agency. The organization decides who is eligible to own the country. It also determines when and how property transfers take place, making it the main association dealing with land issues in Dubai.

By going through all the steps with DLD, you can own your property or obtain a lease without legal barriers. All prospective or current owners who are not citizens of the United Arab Emirates should ensure that they check the DLD frequently to ensure that any updates or changes to the policy do not affect your contractual agreements. current.

An area where you can own real estate. Article 3 of bylaw no. 3 of 2006 lists the parcels of land designated as real estate that non-emirates can own or lease. These areas include Palm Jumeirah, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Marina, Discovery Gardens, World Islands and International Cities.

These zones will then be open to foreigners from outside the UAE investing in Dubai real estate. However, one condition of the land ownership rules in these zones is that non-UAE citizens and their companies can set up a free zone company in Dubai, but the property can only be registered in the name of the company set up.

Legal and authentic documents

Before buying a property, it’s crucial to check with the seller and determine whether he or she has the right to sell the property in question. It is also important to examine the original batch header and determine whether the element is active.

Buying real estate in Dubai

Once a non-EAU/CCG citizen has identified suitable land that meets the legal requirements, the process of buying land in the UAE is straightforward. Essentially, for non-UAE nationals looking to buy, the designated area is usually still under development, and the area they might be interested in buying is usually under the control of a primary or secondary developer.

The process includes payment of the property deposit after contacting the developer and payment of a typical percentage of the sale price. The seller can then proceed with the change of title, depending on whether or not he receives a notice of no objection to the land.

Is there any danger in buying property in Dubai?

Buying land in Dubai can be very risky for first-time buyers. It’s imperative that you do your research and make sure, as buyer and seller, that you have legally acquired the land. By following these steps, you can avoid dangers such as legal problems associated with land ownership, and avoid unscrupulous individuals likely to sell unsold land to unsuspecting buyers.

To invest in real estate in Dubai as a foreigner, don’t hesitate to contact one of our real estate agents, who will answer all your questions.