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Posted by Dubai Real Estate on November 4, 2021

Invest and become a resident in Dubairesident in dubai

To become a resident in Dubai, you have several options:

  • Be sponsored by a local person
  • To have an employee visa
  • Investing in real estate in Dubai

Since September 23, 2021, the investor visa has evolved.

Before this date, for a minimum investment of 1 million dirhams, the investor can claim a resident visa of 3 years renewable.

Now, for an investment of 750,000 dirhams, become a resident in Dubai, you will have access to a 3 years renewable visa. For an investment of more than 5 million dirhams, your visa will be valid for 5 years renewable.

The Dubai Land Department allows real estate investors to have the resident visa in Dubai, under certain conditions: to own a property with a minimum value of 750,000 dirhams.

Who is it for?

  • The investor
  • His wife/husband
  • Children

The procedure: 

Step 1: Submit the application via the Dubai Rest app (available on AppleStore or Android).

Step 2: The client is contacted if the application is approved to complete the procedure

Step 3: The client goes to the Cube Centre in the Dubai Land Department’s main office and pays the fee.

Step 4: Medical examination is conducted at the center.

Step 5: Visa is printed on the passport.



Investor Visa 3 years

Total: AED 14,967

Family Visa 3 years

  • Wife AED 7,061.25
  • Daughter over 18 years old 7,061.25 AED 
  • Child under 18 years old 6,361.25 AED 
  • Son over 18 ( 5,821.25 AED )
  • Husband ( 5,821.25 AED )

Documents to prepare: 

For the investor:

1. The minimum value of the property is 750.000 AED.

2. If the property is mortgaged, 50% of the property value or at least AED 750,000 must be paid to the bank. A consent letter in Arabic and a bank statement of the mortgage will be required to proceed with the visa application.

3. Husband and wife can share the same property and the value of the property is AED 750,000 or more. (Proven marriage certificate required).

4. Power of Attorney is required if the application is submitted on behalf of the investor.


For the family:

1. Notarized letter of consent from the investor

2. Daughter over 18 years of age – a letter of spinsterhood

3. Bring a national identity document

4. Original passport and UAE identity card

5. Personal photo

6. Health insurance

7. Proven marriage certificate

8. Attested birth certificate

9. IBAN bank account

10. Son over 18 years old – school certificate



With, Dubairealestate.net, you got all information to become a resident in Dubai.

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