Dubai Marina: A haven of modernity and luxury

Dubai Marina, located in the heart of the vibrant metropolis of Dubai, is a veritable urban gem where modern lifestyle meets unrivalled luxury. With its glittering skyscrapers, winding canals and world-class facilities, this iconic district embodies the essence of contemporary glamour.

Construction of Dubai Marina began in the early 2000s, creating a modern, urban district along the Persian Gulf. Construction was completed in several phases, with the successive addition of residential skyscrapers, shopping centers, leisure areas and entertainment facilities.

Emaar Properties has been visionary in the design of Dubai Marina, transforming a once-empty space into a bustling, luxurious district characterized by elegant towers, glittering canals, carefully landscaped green spaces and a cosmopolitan ambience. The successful creation of Dubai Marina has helped strengthen Dubai’s position as a destination of choice for tourism, business and modern urban living.

In this article, we’ll explore in detail the key aspects of Dubai Marina, from healthcare and education to residences, green spaces, shopping and leisure.

Sales trend at Dubai Marina:

Average apartment prices in Dubai Marina:
  • Studio: AED 834,000 (€208,500).
  • 1-bedroom apartment: AED 1,375,000 (€343,750).
  • 2-bedroom apartment: AED 2,090,000 (€522,500).
  • 3-bedroom apartment: AED 2,776,000 (€694,000).
  • 4-bedroom apartment: AED 5,824,000 (€1,456,000).
  • 5-bedroom apartment: AED 12,914,000 (€3,228,500).

Rental prices in Dubai Marina

Apartment Year Year Monthly
Studio 59,000 AED 14 750 € 1 229 €
1 bedroom 90,000 AED 22 500 € 1 875 €
2 bedrooms 139,000 AED 34 750 € 2 895 €
3 bedrooms 207,000 AED 51 750 € 3 310 €
4 bedrooms 263,000 AED 65 750 € 5 480 €
5 bedrooms 514,000 AED 128 500 € 10 705 €

Return on investment ( ROI ) at Dubai Marina

Apartment KING
Studio 6,76 %
1 bedroom 6,87 %
2 bedrooms 6,78 %
3 bedrooms 6,53 %
4 bedrooms 6,55 %
5 bedrooms 4,87 %

Dubai Marina location

Located along the southwest coast of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai Marina occupies a strategic geographical position within the city. The district stretches along a man-made canal that runs inland from the Persian Gulf. It is surrounded by neighborhoods such as Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) to the south, Al Sufouh to the west and Al Barsha to the north.

Dubai Marina enjoys exceptional proximity to the city’s main transport arteries, including Sheikh Zayed Road (E11), one of the most important highways in the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai Marina’s seafront location also gives it direct access to the golden sandy beaches of the Persian Gulf. Residents and visitors can enjoy water sports facilities and waterfront activities while admiring panoramic views of the ocean and skyscrapers lining the canal.

Information on Dubai Marina

Residences at Dubai Marina represent a fusion of modern architecture, luxurious comfort and breathtaking panoramic views. This emblematic district is renowned for its imposing residential towers that line the artificial canal, creating a spectacular urban panorama and lively urban atmosphere. Here’s an overview of the types of residences that can be found in Dubai Marina:

Residential towers: Dubai Marina’s iconic skyscrapers are mainly residential towers. These towers, often 40 or more storeys high, house a range of apartment sizes, from studios to luxury penthouses. Modern designs and high-end finishes characterize these living spaces.

Luxury apartments: Apartments at Dubai Marina are designed to offer exceptional comfort, with top-quality amenities, modern kitchens, elegant bathrooms and well-appointed living spaces. The large windows offer breathtaking views of the sea, marinas and glittering skyscrapers.

Penthouses: For those seeking the ultimate residential experience, Dubai Marina’s penthouses offer unrivalled luxury. These spacious tower-top residences offer not only exceptional panoramic views, but also exclusive amenities such as private pools, spacious terraces and top-of-the-range facilities.

Waterfront residences: Some residences in Dubai Marina are located directly along the waterfront, offering privileged access to the sandy beaches of the Persian Gulf. These seaside residential complexes often offer private beach facilities, oceanfront pools and relaxation areas offering a unique seaside living experience.

Services and amenities: Residences at Dubai Marina are equipped with world-class amenities to meet the needs of its residents. Swimming pools, well-equipped gyms, leisure areas, children’s playgrounds, wellness centers and even concierge services are an integral part of residential life in this neighborhood.

Medical clinics and doctors’ offices: Dubai Marina is home to several medical clinics and doctors’ offices providing general and specialized healthcare. These facilities offer medical consultations, check-ups, dental care, pediatric consultations and other basic medical services.

Internationally renowned hospitals: Although Dubai Marina does not have a hospital directly on site, it is close to several internationally renowned hospitals. Facilities such as Dubai American Hospital, Al Zahra Hospital and Medcare Hospital offer state-of-the-art medical facilities for advanced medical treatments and surgical procedures.

Holistic health care centers: Dubai Marina also includes wellness and holistic health care centers. These centers offer a holistic approach to health, combining conventional medicine with alternative therapies such as acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, yoga and meditation.

Pharmacies and medical equipment: Well-stocked pharmacies are readily available in the neighborhood, guaranteeing residents convenient access to medicines and health products. In addition, medical equipment stores offer products such as orthotics, mobility aids and other necessary medical equipment.

International schools: Dubai Marina is home to several renowned international schools offering quality curricula in line with international educational standards. These schools welcome a multicultural community of students and generally offer programs based on educational systems such as the British Curriculum, the American Curriculum and the International Baccalaureate (IB).

Advanced Educational Programs: Schools in Dubai Marina often strive to offer advanced pedagogical programs to foster students’ holistic development. This can include STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) programs, arts and cultural activities, as well as initiatives focused on developing leadership and critical thinking skills.

Multilingual approach: Given the cultural diversity of Dubai Marina, many schools offer multilingual teaching programs. Students can have the opportunity to learn in several languages, helping to broaden their horizons and foster deeper intercultural understanding.

Modern infrastructure: Schools in Dubai Marina are generally equipped with modern infrastructure, well-equipped classrooms, science laboratories, well-stocked libraries, arts and sports facilities, and state-of-the-art educational technology to facilitate learning.

Shopping at Dubai Marina offers an unrivalled shopping experience in a modern, luxurious setting. With a range of top-notch shopping centers and designer boutiques, this dynamic district is a shopper’s paradise. Here’s a taste of what shopping in Dubai Marina has to offer:

Dubai Marina Mall: Dubai Marina Mall is the epicenter of shopping in the district. Offering a carefully curated mix of fashion, luxury goods, accessories, electronics and more, this multi-story shopping center is a popular meeting place for residents and visitors alike. It also offers breathtaking views of the canal and yachts from its restaurant terraces.

The Walk at JBR: Although technically located close to Dubai Marina, The Walk at JBR (Jumeirah Beach Residence) is a shopping and entertainment area not to be missed. This waterfront promenade is lined with designer boutiques, trendy cafés, restaurants and street food stalls. It’s an ideal place to stroll while admiring the sea view.

Mall of the Emirates: Although slightly further away, the Mall of the Emirates is one of Dubai’s most iconic shopping malls. It’s home to hundreds of designer boutiques, international brands, a department store, a vast choice of restaurants and even an indoor ski slope.

Ibn Battuta Mall: Another major shopping center nearby, Ibn Battuta Mall is famous for its unique architecture inspired by the travels of the famous explorer Ibn Battuta. It features distinct themed zones, each offering a selection of stores, restaurants and entertainment.

Luxury boutiques: Dubai Marina is home to luxury boutiques where fashion lovers can discover the latest collections from international designers. Renowned brands are represented in Dubai Marina’s shopping malls and galleries, offering top-quality clothing, accessories and jewelry.

Leisure activities at Dubai Marina are varied and exciting, offering residents and visitors alike a multitude of experiences for entertainment and relaxation.

With its seafront location and cosmopolitan ambience, Dubai Marina offers a range of leisure options to suit all tastes. Here is an overview of the leisure activities that make Dubai Marina a dynamic and lively place:

Beaches and water sports: Dubai Marina’s golden sand beaches invite you to relax and swim. What’s more, a range of water sports activities are on offer, including sailing, jet-skiing, paddleboarding and even scuba diving. Visitors can explore the Persian Gulf from a unique vantage point.

Beach Clubs and Seaside Restaurants: Dubai Marina is home to several upscale beach clubs offering cabanas, infinity pools, DJ sets and lively evenings. Waterfront restaurants allow guests to savor delicious cuisine while enjoying panoramic water views.

Parks and recreational areas: Although Dubai Marina is an urban district, it has no shortage of green spaces and well-appointed parks. These spaces offer a place for families, friends and nature lovers to relax. They’re perfect for picnics, morning jogs or just relaxing.

Lively nightlife: Dubai Marina is also renowned for its lively nightlife. Trendy bars, elegant clubs and sophisticated lounges offer a variety of options for nightlife lovers. Whether you’re sipping cocktails and admiring the city lights, or dancing the night away, there’s something for everyone.

Picturesque walks: Strolling along the canals of Dubai Marina is a pleasurable experience in itself. Palm-lined promenades offer panoramic views of luxury yachts and glittering skyscrapers. Residents and visitors alike can enjoy the lively, cosmopolitan atmosphere of the neighborhood.

Cinemas and Theaters: Dubai Marina’s modern cinema complexes showcase the latest blockbusters as well as independent films. In addition, theaters and art spaces offer a variety of shows, from contemporary theater to musical performances.

All in all, Dubai Marina offers an abundance of leisure options to suit all tastes and interests. Whether it’s relaxing on the beach, enjoying the nightlife, exploring the water activities or simply strolling along the canals, this vibrant neighborhood has it all for residents and visitors looking for entertainment and relaxation.

In conclusion, Dubai Marina stands out as an emblematic and dynamic district that perfectly embodies Dubai’s luxury, modernity and cultural diversity.

Residences at Dubai Marina offer a harmonious blend of comfort, style and panoramic views. From luxury apartments to lavish penthouses, each residence is designed to offer a sophisticated, modern lifestyle.

Green spaces and picturesque promenades add a touch of nature to this urban landscape, offering places to relax and recharge in the heart of the city. In addition, the neighborhood offers a world-class shopping experience with the Dubai Marina Mall and luxury boutiques, as well as a multitude of leisure options ranging from beaches to water activities to vibrant nightlife.

Dubai Marina is truly a neighborhood that fuses glamour, convenience and excitement, creating an atmosphere where modern comforts and cultural opportunities meet harmoniously. Whether living, working or visiting, Dubai Marina offers a unique urban experience that reflects Dubai’s dynamic, forward-thinking character.

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