Jumeirah Beach Residence: An Oasis of Luxury by the Sea

Nestled along Dubai’s glittering coastline, Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) presents itself as an idyllic seaside living destination, offering a harmonious blend of luxury, modern amenities and unrivalled coastal experiences.

This iconic neighborhood embodies urban refinement in the heart of a seaside oasis, attracting both local and international residents in search of an exceptional lifestyle.

Sales trend at Jumeirah Beach Residence:

Average apartment price in Jumeirah Beach Residence :
  • Studio: AED 834,000 (€208,500).
  • 1-bedroom apartment: AED 1,375,000 (€343,750).
  • 2-bedroom apartment: AED 2,090,000 (€522,500).
  • 3-bedroom apartment: AED 2,776,000 (€694,000).
  • 4-bedroom apartment: AED 5,824,000 (€1,456,000).
  • 5-bedroom apartment: AED 12,914,000 (€3,228,500).

Rental prices at Jumeirah Beach Residence

Apartment Year Year Monthly
Studio 49,000 AED 12 250 € 1 020 €
1 bedroom 69,000 AED 17 250 € 1 440 €
2 bedrooms 87,000 AED 21 750 € 1 812 €
3 bedrooms 117,000 AED 29 250 € 2 440 €
4 bedrooms 180,000 AED 45 000 € 3 750 €
5 bedrooms 221,000 AED 55 250 € 4 605 €

Return on investment ( ROI ) at Jumeirah Beach Residence

Apartment KING
Studio 6,10 %
1 bedroom 4,00 %
2 bedrooms 4,40 %
3 bedrooms 4,40 %
4 bedrooms 3,10 %
5 bedrooms 2,10 %

Location of Jumeirah Beach Residence

Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) is ideally located along Jumeirah beach. More specifically, it is located in the Dubai Marina district, one of the city’s most sought-after neighborhoods. JBR residences are lined up along the coastal promenade, offering direct access to the golden sandy beach and crystal-clear waters of the Arabian Sea.

This strategic location allows residents and visitors to enjoy panoramic views of the sea and the Dubai skyline, while being just minutes away from the city’s renowned shopping malls, restaurants, entertainment venues and other urban amenities.

Information on Jumeirah Beach Residence

Dubai’s Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) district is renowned for its impressive collection of luxury beachfront residences, offering a variety of accommodation options to suit everyone’s preferences and needs. JBR’s residences are spread along the coastal promenade, offering spectacular views of the Arabian Sea and the Dubai skyline. Here is an overview of the main features of JBR residences:

Luxury apartments :

JBR offers a range of luxury apartments from studios to multi-bedroom units. These apartments are designed to offer a harmonious blend of modern design, high-end finishes and sophisticated living amenities. Interior spaces are spacious and designed to maximize sea views and natural light.

Elegant Penthouses :

For those seeking the ultimate in luxury and space, JBR’s penthouses offer sumptuous layouts. These top-of-the-range residences offer breathtaking panoramic views, exclusive amenities such as private terraces, private pools and outdoor entertainment areas.

World-class equipment :

JBR residences are equipped with world-class facilities and equipment. Residents have access to refreshing pools, well-equipped fitness centers, outdoor recreation areas, landscaped gardens and 24-hour security to ensure a safe and comfortable living environment.

Various architectural styles :

JBR homes feature a variety of architectural styles, from contemporary to traditional. This creates a visual diversity and atmosphere unique to each building, while maintaining a sense of unity within the neighborhood.

Direct access to the beach :

One of the main advantages of JBR residences is their direct access to the beach. Residents can enjoy seaside leisure activities, water sports and relaxing moments on the golden sands just a few steps from home.

Close to amenities:

JBR residents also enjoy proximity to a variety of amenities, including shopping centers, upscale restaurants, cafés, international brand boutiques and entertainment spaces. This adds an urban dimension to the seaside experience.

Clinics and medical centers: JBR boasts several modern clinics and medical centers offering a full range of health services. Qualified doctors and medical specialists are available for general consultations, medical check-ups, preventive healthcare and specific treatments. These state-of-the-art medical facilities ensure that residents receive the care they need, whatever their medical condition.

Medical emergencies: JBR residents have access to emergency medical services in case of need. Emergency clinics provide immediate assistance for urgent medical situations, ensuring the safety and well-being of residents in the event of an unexpected health problem.

Medical specialties: Healthcare facilities in JBR offer a variety of medical specialties, ranging from general medicine to more specialized fields such as dermatology, pediatrics, gynecology, cardiology and more. Residents can consult specialists for precise diagnoses and treatments tailored to their individual needs.

Cutting-edge technologies: Clinics and medical centers at JBR are equipped with the latest medical technologies and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. This enables residents to benefit from the highest standards of healthcare.

Dubai’s Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) district offers convenient access to several high-quality international schools to meet residents’ educational needs. Here are some well-known schools near JBR:

Raffles International School: Located close to JBR, this school offers a high-quality education program based on the Cambridge curriculum. It offers programs from kindergarten to the end of secondary school, providing students with a complete and balanced education.

Dubai American Academy: Although located slightly further away, this American school is also a popular option for JBR families. It offers a complete American educational program, from kindergarten to the end of high school, with a focus on academic excellence and personal development.

Emirates International School: This international school offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) program and welcomes students from kindergarten to the end of secondary school. It offers a stimulating educational environment focused on the development of academic and life skills.

Horizon International School: Located in the neighboring Dubai Marina district, this school offers a high-quality British educational program. It offers modern facilities and a variety of extracurricular activities to enrich students’ educational experience.

The Winchester School: This British school is also close to JBR and offers a British education program based on the English National Curriculum. It offers a dynamic learning environment with a focus on academic excellence and personal development.

These renowned schools offer a variety of international educational programs for JBR residents. This gives families the opportunity to choose the school that best matches their children’s educational needs and aspirations, while benefiting from the schools’ convenient proximity to the Jumeirah Beach Residence area.

Dubai’s Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) district offers an unrivalled shopping experience thanks to its proximity to world-renowned shopping malls and its own high-end shopping options. Whether you’re looking for designer brands, trendy boutiques or local souvenirs, JBR offers a variety of options to suit all tastes. Here’s an overview of shopping options at JBR:

  1. The Beach at JBR: This is a popular outdoor shopping destination located directly at JBR. The Beach offers a mix of international brand boutiques, fashion stores, souvenir stores and concept stores. You’ll find a variety of products, from clothing and home accessories to beachwear and gifts.
  2. Dubai Marina Mall: Although located close to JBR, Dubai Marina Mall offers an upscale shopping experience. It offers a selection of luxury brands, fashion boutiques, jewelry shops and electronics stores. The mall also includes dining options, a cinema and panoramic views of Dubai Marina.
  3. Mall of the Emirates: Although slightly further away, the Mall of the Emirates is one of Dubai’s most iconic shopping malls. It’s home to hundreds of designer boutiques, international brands, a department store, a vast choice of restaurants and even an indoor ski slope.
  4. Ibn Battuta Mall: Another major shopping center nearby, Ibn Battuta Mall is famous for its unique architecture inspired by the travels of the famous explorer Ibn Battuta. It features distinct themed zones, each offering a selection of stores, restaurants and entertainment.

Dubai’s Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) district offers a variety of leisure options for all ages, ensuring that residents and visitors alike can make the most of their free time.

Whether you’re a watersports enthusiast, a culture buff or simply looking for some outdoor relaxation, JBR has something for everyone. Here is an overview of leisure activities at JBR:

Lively coastal promenade: The promenade along the beach is at the heart of activity at JBR. It’s the ideal place for a picturesque stroll overlooking the sea, jogging, or relaxing on the outdoor benches. Cafés, restaurants and children’s playgrounds along the promenade add to the lively atmosphere.

Water sports: The clear waters of the Arabian Sea offer a variety of opportunities for water sports. Residents can enjoy activities such as windsurfing, kayaking, sailing, water skiing and scuba diving. Local water sports centers offer courses and equipment for beginners and experts alike.

Cultural events: JBR regularly hosts cultural events, shows and festivals throughout the year. Open-air concerts, art exhibitions, performances and special events add a touch of cultural diversity to the neighborhood’s lively atmosphere.

Fitness centers: JBR is home to several high-end fitness centers, offering a full range of facilities for fitness enthusiasts. Outdoor yoga classes, group workouts and personalized training are available to maintain an active lifestyle.

Outdoor relaxation areas: The green spaces along JBR offer outdoor relaxation areas where residents can unwind, read a book or simply enjoy the sea breeze. These spaces are perfect for moments of peace and quiet in the midst of urban bustle.

Children’s activities: JBR also offers children’s playgrounds and entertainment facilities for families. Children can enjoy the outdoor playground, climbing structures and other activities specially designed for them.

All in all, Jumeirah Beach Residence offers a wide range of leisure activities to suit all interests.

Whether you want to enjoy seaside pleasures, explore local culture or stay active, JBR has everything you need for a rich and fulfilling leisure experience.

In short, Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) in Dubai stands out as a vibrant and captivating neighborhood, offering a luxury beach living experience that combines both urban sophistication and the natural beauty of the Arabian Sea.

With its lively coastal promenade, high-quality residences, elegant shopping centers, diverse dining options and varied leisure activities, JBR represents much more than just a neighborhood – it’s a lifestyle destination where comfort, entertainment and well-being come together.

Whether you’re drawn to water sports, culture, outdoor relaxation or world-class shopping, JBR offers a range of options to suit all tastes.

Residents are fortunate to live in a place where every day can be a new adventure, whether it’s strolling along the beach, discovering innovative restaurants or taking part in exciting cultural events.

As an investment, JBR presents promising opportunities thanks to its growth potential, tourist appeal and ongoing demand for quality housing.

In conclusion, Jumeirah Beach Residence embodies the perfect blend of urban sophistication and coastal charm, creating an exceptional living experience that continues to attract residents and visitors from all over the world. Whether you’re looking to live, invest or simply enjoy a sunny day, JBR remains a destination of choice in Dubai.

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