Palm Jumeirah: The Luxurious Oasis in the Heart of Dubai

When you think of Dubai, the image of the magnificent Palm Jumeirah often springs to mind.

Designed to blow the world away, this palm-shaped artificial island is a symbol of the innovation and luxury that Dubai embodies.

In this article, we’ll explore the various aspects of Palm Jumeirah, from its sumptuous residences to its world-class tourist attractions.

Sales trend on Palm Jumeirah :

Average apartment price :
  • Studio: AED 1,571,000 (€392,750).
  • 1-bedroom apartment: AED 2,665,000 (€666,250).
  • 2-bedroom apartment: AED 3,458,000 (€864,500).
  • 3-bedroom apartment: AED 5,437,000 (€1,359,250).
  • 4-bedroom apartment: AED 26,892,000 (€6,723,000).
  • 5-bedroom apartment: AED 31,881,000 (€7,979,250).
Average price of a villa :
  • 2-bedroom villa: AED 8,100,000 (€2,025,000).
  • 3-bedroom villa: AED 21,152,000 (€5,288,000).
  • 4-bedroom villa: AED 19,811,000 (€4,952,750).
  • 5-bedroom villa: AED 35,050,000 (€8,762,500).
  • 6-bedroom villa: AED 51,670,000 (€12,917,500).
  • 7-bedroom villa: AED 79,776,000 (€19,941,500).

Rental prices in Palm Jumeirah

Apartment Year Year Monthly
Studio 93,000 AED 23 250 € 1937 €
1 bedroom 148,000 AED 37 500 € 3 083 €
2 bedrooms 197,000 AED 49 250 € 4 104 €
3 bedrooms 274,000 AED 68 500 € 5 710 €
4 bedrooms 647,000 AED 161 750 € 13 480 €
Villa Year Year Monthly
3 bedrooms 573,000 AED 143 250 € 11 940 €
4 bedrooms 975,000 AED 243 750 € 20 310 €
5 bedrooms 1,308,000 AED 327 000 € 27 250 €
6 rooms 1,820,000 AED 455 000 € 37 910 €
7 rooms 3,526,000 AED 881 500 € 73 460 €

Return on investment ( ROI ) at Palm Jumeirah

Apartment KING
Studio 5,45 %
1 bedroom 5,11 %
2 bedrooms 5,64 %
3 bedrooms 5,31 %
4 bedrooms 2,63 %
Apartment KING
3 bedrooms 3,84 %
4 bedrooms 4,50 %
5 bedrooms 4,80 %
6 rooms 3,71 %
7 rooms 4,92 %

Location of Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is located off the coast of Dubai, in the Persian Gulf. It’s known for its unique palm tree shape, which is actually an artificial archipelago made up of several linked islands.

The development was undertaken by Nakheel, a Dubai government real estate company, and was completed in 2006.

Information about The Palm Jumeirah

Renowned for its opulent residences, which include villas, townhouses and apartments. The “trunk” of the palm houses high-end apartments, while the “fronds” consist of seaside villas with private beaches.

The “crescents” surrounding the slings are home to luxury hotels and resorts.

Palm Jumeirah, one of Dubai’s most iconic architectural achievements, is not only an engineering marvel, but also a world-renowned residential destination. Palm Jumeirah residences offer unrivalled luxury living, breathtaking panoramic views and a range of exclusive amenities.

Villas on the water

Palm Jumeirah’s water villas are undoubtedly one of the development’s most emblematic features.

These sumptuous residences offer a blend of refinement and serenity, where residents can enjoy breathtaking sea views from their own private terraces.

Overwater villas are designed to offer maximum privacy and comfort, with luxury amenities such as private pools, landscaped gardens and direct beach access.

Luxury apartments

Palm Jumeirah also offers a selection of luxury apartments with spectacular views of the sea and the Dubai skyline.

These apartments are designed with particular attention to detail, using high-quality materials and first-class finishes.

Residents can enjoy a range of facilities, including pools, spas, fitness centers and entertainment areas.

Palm Jumeirah, one of Dubai’s architectural icons, not only offers a luxurious lifestyle, but also ensures first-class healthcare for its residents.

With a range of quality medical facilities and healthcare services, Palm Jumeirah residents can enjoy comprehensive and accessible medical care.

Medical Clinics

Palm Jumeirah is home to several medical clinics offering a range of primary and specialist healthcare services. These clinics are equipped to provide medical consultations, diagnoses, check-ups and routine treatments.

Residents can benefit from quality medical care without having to leave the comfort of their neighborhood.


Well-stocked pharmacies are easily accessible on Palm Jumeirah, offering a variety of prescription and over-the-counter medicines, as well as health and wellness products.

Residents can have peace of mind knowing that they can easily obtain their necessary medications and health products nearby.

Specialized Care

Although Palm Jumeirah may not have any major hospitals on the island itself, it is ideally located close to several of Dubai’s renowned hospitals.

These state-of-the-art medical facilities offer specialized care, advanced treatment and emergency services to meet residents’ complex medical needs.

Wellness and Fitness

Health is not just about medical care, but also about general well-being.

Palm Jumeirah offers a range of fitness and wellness options, including fully equipped fitness centers, luxury spas and facilities for outdoor physical activities.

Accessibility to medical services

Palm Jumeirah also benefits from easy access to Dubai’s main medical facilities, thanks to its strategic location.

Residents have easy access to the city’s hospitals for specialist consultations, advanced treatments and surgery if required.

Palm Jumeirah, in addition to being a symbol of luxury and elegance, places great importance on the education of its residents.

With a range of renowned schools, quality educational facilities and diverse programs, Palm Jumeirah offers an environment conducive to the learning and development of the next generation.

Leading International Schools

Palm Jumeirah is home to several world-renowned international schools offering quality education in line with international standards.

These schools follow various educational programs, such as the British, American or International (IB) curriculum, offering students a variety of options for their studies. The schools feature modern facilities, well-equipped classrooms, science laboratories, libraries and spaces for extracurricular activities.

Varied Educational Programs

Palm Jumeirah offers a range of educational programs tailored to students’ needs and preferences.

From nursery schools to primary and secondary schools, residents can choose from a variety of educational programs to ensure holistic and comprehensive learning.

Schools also offer extracurricular activities, clubs and events to encourage creativity, leadership and personal development.

Access to higher education

Although Palm Jumeirah may not have universities on the island itself, it is ideally located close to Dubai’s major educational areas.

Residents have easy access to renowned universities and colleges, offering a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs in various fields of study.

Preschool and Early Childhood Education

Palm Jumeirah also understands the importance of pre-school and early childhood education. The neighborhood is home to daycare centers and early childhood education facilities that offer stimulating learning programs for young children.

These establishments prepare children for entry into the formal education system by providing a solid foundation for their cognitive, social and emotional development.

Although Palm Jumeirah is often associated with its bold architecture and luxurious residences, it also offers carefully landscaped green spaces that create a perfect balance between modern urbanism and soothing nature.

These green spaces offer relaxation, outdoor recreation and tranquillity in the heart of this prestigious development.

Parks and Promenades

Palm Jumeirah is home to a variety of parks and landscaped promenades that invite residents to connect with nature.

These areas feature lush green lawns, shaded paths and rest areas, making them ideal for a relaxing stroll, a family picnic or simply admiring the breathtaking sea views.

Coastal Gardens

The development also includes beautifully landscaped coastal gardens that add a touch of natural beauty to the surroundings.

These gardens offer a balance of native flora and elegant landscaping, creating an enchanting setting for residents to relax and recharge.

Seaside relaxation areas

One of the most attractive features of Palm Jumeirah is the direct access to the beach for many residents.

Sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters offer seaside relaxation areas where residents can bask in the sun, swim, practice water sports or simply enjoy the refreshing sea breeze.

Children’s playgrounds

Palm Jumeirah is also family-friendly, with carefully designed children’s play areas.

These play areas offer youngsters opportunities to play and socialize, while being surrounded by a safe, green environment.

Shopping malls and complexes

Nakheel Mall is a true shopping gem located in the heart of Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah.

Offering an irresistible combination of shopping, entertainment and gastronomy, this captivating shopping center is a must-see destination for residents and visitors looking for a unique and memorable shopping experience.

Nakheel Mall offers an impressive selection of luxury boutiques, international designer brands and renowned designers.

From high-end fashion labels to elegant accessories and sparkling jewelry, the mall caters to the needs of sophisticated shoppers in search of exclusive, quality goods.

Nakheel Mall offers much more than shopping. Visitors can enjoy an immersive entertainment experience thanks to modern facilities.

The mall features a state-of-the-art cinema, interactive children’s play areas and attractions for the whole family. It’s the ideal place for an outing with family or friends.

These malls are home to a variety of retail stores, international brands, restaurants and entertainment.

Palm Jumeirah is not only a world-renowned residential destination, but also offers a diverse range of leisure options to suit everyone’s preferences.

Whether you’re into water sports, outdoor adventures or quiet relaxation, Palm Jumeirah has everything you need to create unforgettable leisure experiences.

  1. Aquaventure Waterpark: Located in Atlantis, The Palm, this is one of the world’s most popular water parks, offering slides and water activities for all ages.
  2. The Pointe: A lively waterfront with restaurants, stores and a spectacular dance fountain.
Water Sports

With its unique coastal location, Palm Jumeirah is the ideal place for water sports enthusiasts. You can engage in a variety of exciting activities such as sailing, jet-skiing, windsurfing, snorkeling and much more.

Adrenaline seekers will be delighted by the many water sports options available.

Private Beaches

Enjoy the ultimate in luxury as you relax on Palm Jumeirah’s private beaches. With their soft sand and crystal-clear waters, these beaches offer an idyllic setting for sunbathing, swimming or simply enjoying a breathtaking sea view.

Residents can enjoy privacy and comfort while admiring the breathtaking panorama.

Exclusive Beach Clubs

Palm Jumeirah is home to a range of exclusive beach clubs offering the perfect blend of luxury and relaxation. These beach clubs offer sumptuous pools, comfortable relaxation areas, gourmet restaurants and wellness experiences.

It’s the ideal place to relax in style while enjoying the magnificent coastal setting.

Outdoor Activities

For lovers of outdoor adventure, Palm Jumeirah offers a variety of activities such as cycling, running and walking.

Well-developed promenades and bike paths offer residents the chance to keep active while enjoying green spaces and panoramic views.

Palm Jumeirah is undoubtedly one of the wonders of modern engineering and a jewel in Dubai’s crown.

With its mix of luxurious residences, world-class hotels, captivating attractions and leisure options, Palm Jumeirah offers an unrivalled living and visiting experience, cementing Dubai’s reputation as a metropolis of innovation, luxury and entertainment.

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