1WOOD by Object 1 at JVC

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From :

635.000 AED


City :Dubai

District :Jumeirah Village Circle

Description :

1WOOD by Object1, nestled in the heart of
Jumeirah Village Circle
is a residential project that fuses modern architecture with the charms of nature. Spanning 18 floors, this development is an ode to urban living that celebrates proximity to the natural elements.

Nature-inspired design: 1WOOD stands out for its bold use of wood textures and accents, which dominate both the exterior and interior. This approach creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere that echoes the tranquility of nature. The inclusion of mature trees in the project reinforces this natural appeal, bringing a piece of forest to the heart of the city.

Housing Diversity: From fully furnished studios to spacious two-bedroom apartments, each 1WOOD unit has been carefully designed to offer a first-class residential experience. Residents enjoy comfortable, elegant accommodation surrounded by a natural ambience.

Coworking space and amenities: 1WOOD offers more than just housing; it also features a modern, spacious coworking space, as well as a multifunctional public area. These spaces are designed to foster collaboration, creativity and community within the residence.

Swimming pool and parking area: The facilities include a swimming pool dedicated to children and adults, guaranteeing moments of relaxation and leisure for all residents. The four-storey parking lot offers a practical solution to parking needs.

Conclusion: 1WOOD by Object1 is more than just a residential development; it’s an urban sanctuary where nature and modernity coexist in harmony. With its commitment to integrated natural elements and a range of thoughtful facilities, 1WOOD at JVC offers a holistic living experience. Here, residents can enjoy a perfect balance between work, leisure and life in a naturally inspiring environment.

Amenities at 1WOOD:

Starting price for 1WOOD :

635.000 AED

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More information on 1WOOD :

Object 1 is a branch of the international TSZ Group, active in the real estate sector in Spain and the United Arab Emirates. Distinguished by a harmonious fusion of ideas, visions, strategies, experiences and ambitions, Object 1 is dedicated to creating aesthetic urban spaces designed for living, working and inspiring.

With a rich history of development, the company is made up of hundreds of specialists spread across four key sectors: Development, Construction, Service and Finance, emphasizing a deep commitment to innovation and excellence in real estate.

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