7 Park Central by Meteora

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From :

770.000 AED


City :Dubai

District :Jumeirah Village Circle

Description :

7 Park Central, nestled in the peaceful heart of Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC), is the latest nugget in Meteora Developers’ portfolio. Renowned for its luxury one-bedroom apartments, this Dubai address is the epitome of sophistication and refinement.

Key features :

Exquisite design: Meteora Developers has emphasized finesse in every element of 7 Park Central. The gleaming façade is a testament to modern architecture, while the interiors are a fusion of contemporary design and functionality.

Luxurious facilities: Nothing has been left to chance in this development. From pocket gardens to social spaces, every corner is designed to maximize residents’ comfort and well-being.

Nature on your doorstep: Living at 7 Park Central means immersing yourself in a green setting. With lush green spaces, picnic areas and abundant vegetation, nature is always just a few steps away.

Modern living: Although rooted in tranquility, this residence is at the crossroads of modern living. Upscale boutiques, gourmet restaurants and essential amenities are all within easy reach.

Attractive investment: For investors, 7 Park Central is not just a purchase, but an opportunity to enter a lifestyle imbued with elegance and modernity. It’s a paradise for those looking to combine love, family and business opportunities in a serene setting.

Conclusion: 7 Park Central at JVC is more than just a residential development; it’s a lifestyle. Meteora Developers offers you the opportunity to live, love and thrive in an environment where every day is a celebration of luxury and comfort. If finding a residence that reflects your love of refinement and exclusivity is your priority, look no further than 7 Park Central.

Amenities at 7 Park Central:

Starting price for 7 Park Central :

770.000 AED

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More information on 7 Park Central :

Meteora Developers is a leading property developer in Dubai, specializing in high-end residential developments. These projects are distinguished by their exceptional design, fusing aesthetics and functionality to offer modern living spaces to a diverse clientele.

With a forward-thinking vision, access to first-class financing, solid development expertise and an integrated horizontal operational network, Meteora Developers has positioned itself as one of the most dynamic, competent and solidly financed players in the UAE real estate market.

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